The Broadcast Retirement Network

BRN Sunday for October 11, 2020

October 11, 2020

The Broadcast Retirement Network’s #brnsunday #Podcast for October 11, 2020 | In this episode: (1) The president undergoes COVID treatment, what does this mean long-term for the vaccine? (2) October 13 tech parage: a new iPhone,  a new VR simulation -  and the International Space Station gets a refrigerator (3) the International Space Station gets a refrigerator, (4) Freddie Mac: mortgage rates stayed flat this week and another stimulus is off, then on  (5) role of fintech in the Payroll Protection Program, (6) stock market moves, (7) Baby Bonds:  the solution to the retirement crisis is still in its infancy, and (8) Preemption: the ERISA framework vs. State and Local laws and Abbot Labs | For more news and content visit and subscribe.

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