May 25th, 2018

May 27, 2018

This week's show covers wide ranging issues from #markets to mattress sales to roboadvisors to data privacy and the evolving needs of public sector workers.

Special guests include Robert P. Schultze, CEO and President, ICMA-RC and Anne Tergesen, Journalist, The Wall Street Journal.

With the #TWPS #AllStars:

#Advisory:George Grombacher  

#PersonalFinance: Alessandra MalitoandJacob Passy,MarketWatch   


May 18th, 2018

May 20, 2018

#TWPS The Weekly Pulse Sunday #Retirement #Markets #WeekInReview

From the #RoyalWedding to #CryptoCurrencyto#CyberSecurityand anupdateonthefalloutfromthe5thCircuit's#DOL #Fiduciary ruling, we have you covered in this week's episode of the show. This week's special guests include:

Tim Rouse, Executive Director, The SPARK Institute, Inc.  

John Worth, Executive Vice President, Nareit (The National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts) 

And of course, there is thoughtful analysis on the issues of the week by the Retirement #AllStars:

#Advisors:George Grombacher  

#PersonalFinance: Alessandra MalitoandJacob Passy,MarketWatch   


May 11th, 2018

May 13, 2018
Welcome back to your go to source to wrap up what happened in  #Retirement and the #markets each week.
In this episode, Jeff, George Grombacher and the #AllStars cover a wide range of issues from the latest on the 5th circuit court decision and the implications on the new fiduciary rule to the acquisition by Walmart of FlipKart, to the recent spike in commodity prices and the impact of pension cuts. 
This week's special guests include: 
Then in the inaugural #Roads2Retirement segment, George sits down with special musical guests Shakedown Suite to find out what they’re up to now and how their perspectives on retirement and savings have evolved.  
The Retirement AllStars 
#PersonalFinance: Alessandra Malito and Jacob Passy, MarketWatch  

May 4th, 2018

May 6, 2018

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Weekly Pulse Sunday (#TWPS) where Jeffrey Snyder, George Grombacher and the #AllStars wrap up another week in #retirement, #markets, #tech and #personalfinance.  


Key discussion topics this week include public and private real estate and missing retirement plan participants, with special guests:



The #Retirement #AllStars:


Tech: Natalie Walters, The Motley Fool

The Markets: Oliver Renick, TD Ameritrade Network and Kevin Kelly, Bloomberg LP

Personal Finance: Jacob Passy and Alessandra Malito, MarketWatch

Regulatory and Legislative: David Levine and Kevin Walsh, Groom Law Group, Chartered


April 27th, 2018

April 29, 2018

#TheWeeklyPulse for Sunday, April 29, 2018

Jeffrey Snyder, George Grombacher and the #AllStars wrap up the week in #retirement, #markets, #tech and #personalfinance.

This week’s special guest is Todd Mason, CEO of Broadcast Management Group who discusses Over-the-Top (#OTT) networks (think Amazon, Netflix and CBS Interactive to name a few). Todd and his team at BMG have helped lead the way in building networks for organizations across a wide variety of industries. Can OTT be applied to financial services and the retirement industry? Tune in to find out.

 We also delve in to a wide variety of issues that occurred during the week including data privacy, flattened GDP growth and the release of FAB 2018-01from the Department of Labor that issues guidance around environmental, social, or governance factors.

Show Contributors: Tech: Natalie Walters, The Motley Fool, The Markets: Oliver Renick, TD Ameritrade Network and Kevin Kelly, Bloomberg LP, Personal Finance: Jacob Passy and Alessandra Malito, MarketWatch Regulatory and Legislative: David Levine and Kevin Walsh, Groom Law Group, Chartered


April 20th, 2018

April 22, 2018
It’s another episode of #TWPS!
This week we are talking the new #SEC #Fiduciary Standard, #FINTECH, the National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators and of course, #retirement coverage with special guests:
- Natalie Walters, Tech reporter, The Motley Fool
- Cindy Rehmeier, DC Plan Manager, Missouri State Employee Retirement System and Vice President, National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators
- Angela M. Antonelli, Executive Director, Georgetown University Center for Retirement Initiatives  
#TWPS #Retirement #AllStars then share their perspectives on the hottest topics:
The Markets: Oliver Renick, Anchor, TD Ameritrade Network
Personal Finance: Ali Malito and Jacob Passy, Personal Finance reporters, MarketWatch
Legislative and Regulatory: David Levine and Kevin Walsh, Groom Law Group

April 13th, 2018

April 15, 2018

Welcome to another episode of #TWPS. Jeff and George pick up right where they left off the week before and dive in to another 60 minutes of retirement, personal finance and the markets:

  • The Capitol Hill #DynamicDuo of David Levine and Kevin Walsh discuss the forthcoming SEC’s best interest standard and what that may mean for service providers, employers and individuals.
  • TD Ameritrade Network’s Oliver Renick and Bloomberg Kevin Kelly discuss key market events, the economic tea leaves and the impact of geo-political events.
  • TwoMentor CEO Julie Kantor stops by to discuss the importance of mentorship in our culture to developing and retaining employees and some of the lessons she has learned that apply to retirement programs.
  • International speaker, motivational coach and author (and former financial services executive) Dominick Quartuccio discusses lessons learned from servicing retirement plan sponsors and helping executives maximize their potential. 
  • MarketWatch’s Jacob Passy talks about hot topics in personal finance including Tax Day and Real Estate.

April 6th, 2018

April 8, 2018
Jeff and George and the #AllStars are back talking #retirement, #markets and #personalfinance. This time Jeff is on the road in Washington, DC attending an event for the National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators. George is back in Arizona at home-base.
  • The duo kicks off the Show with a quick recap of the week and talk to TDA Network's Oliver Renick and Bloomberg's Kevin Kelly for their perspectives on market event. There is also a discussion about the health benefits of green tea (the group does not give health nor investment advice!).
  • Next up, MarketWatch's Jacob Passy (in for a vacationing Ali Malito) goes through some of the latest personal finance stories. The group discusses retirement plan coverage, job and wage growth and some of the state run retirement initiatives.
  • Washington State's Carolyn McKinnon, Marketplace Director, spends time with Jeff and George to discuss the State's approach to promoting retirement and savings for those not covered by an employer-sponsored plan.
  • Groom Law's David Levine spells Kevin Walsh (who is on assignment Smile) to discuss the continuous fallout from the 5th circuit's court decision last month. David discusses how service providers and employers are responding to this latest news.

March 30th, 2018

April 1, 2018

In this week’s episode, George returns from his trip to Las Vegas and he and Jeff are both ready to bring the latest retirement and financial markets news:


  • Groom Law’s Kevin Walsh continues his look at the impact of the 5th circuit’s ruling on the DOL fiduciary rule. Kevin dives deep in to the principles of the “standard of care” and the addition of the “best interest” concept and how that is defined. The group discusses the Certified Financial Planning Board’s new standard from Wednesday, as well.


  • The markets had an up and down week with continued volatility. It’s a good ol’ fashioned discussion of economic data, geo-political tensions and the impact of the many data breaches on the tech center. Bloomberg’s Kevin Kelly and TD Ameritrade Network’s Oliver Renick help parse through this information to help listeners make sense of what is going on.


  • Callan Senior Vice President James Veneruso joins Jeff, George and Kevin for a round-robin look at the retirement marketplace and some of the latest trends. Environmental, Social and Governance to multi-asset strategies and investment committees, Jimmy is there to share his insight from his vantage point.


  • From the expansion of dog-parks in metropolitan areas, to IRS-audits (yikes), to tax scams to Amazon. Marketwatch personal finance journalist Alessandra Malito gives the low-down of the news for the week. And she also ends things on a high-point with a feel-good story.

March 23rd, 2018

March 25, 2018

It's another great show covering retirement, the markets and personal finance, with a little comedy too. Jeff and George welcomed back Groom Law's Kevin Walsh who brought more breaking news as it relates to the 5th circuit ruling on the DOL fiduciary rule. Next up Bloomberg Equity Strategist Kevin Kelly and TD Ameritrade Anchor Oliver Renick dove in to the market volatility, the federal reserve meeting and what this mean's for institutional and retail/individual investors. Marketwatch Personal Finance Reporter Alessandra Malito brought her A-game and perspective on Facebook, Toys-R-Us and top myths and suggestions for tax time. Daniel Alexander, CEO of Principal Review stopped by to discuss direct and indirect adviser/broker compensation and how employers and individuals can understand what they are paying for these services. Last but not least, Executive Director Robert Wylie of the South Dakota Retirement System discussed the impact of auto enrollment and auto escalation on preparing State employees for retirement.